Chevrolet Camaro outsells Ford Mustang in 2012



Drag races are often won by the slimmest of margins, and the muscle car sales race was no different last year.

After blowing it away by over 18,000 units in 2011, the Chevrolet Camaro outsold the Ford Mustang by the slimmest of margins in 2012, with the final tally standing at 84,391 vs. 82,995.

The ‘Stang picked up sales thanks to a mild redesign and the addition of a 202 mph Shelby GT500 to the lineup, but it still wasn’t enough to topple the retro-futuristic fifth generation Camaro, which has been the top dog since returning for the 2010 model year.

As for the only other muscle machine on the market, the Dodge Challenger, well, it looks like there is a reason that drag races are between two cars. Dodge was only able to move 43,110 of them in 2012.