New car seat alerts parents if child is in danger

The First Years

 (The First Years)

Finally, a parent-proof car seat.

The First Years has introduced a child safety seat equipped with an electronic monitoring system that can alert parents if their child is facing potential danger.

The IAlert system installed in the True Fit Convertible Car Seat automatically sends messages via a smartphone app if the seat is installed improperly or its occupant becomes unbuckled. It can also warn if the temperature in the car is too hot or cold or even if a child has been left in a parked car.

The idea behind the feature isn’t just to keep the operator of the car informed, but also for parents to be able to monitor the situation remotely should their child be riding with someone else.

Pricing has not been announced, but the lineup of conventional True Fit line of seats has a suggested retail price of up to $249.99. The IAlert Convertible Car Seat goes on sale this fall.

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