Study finds drivers don't want Facebook, Twitter in their cars

Drivers may be texting behind the wheel in epidemic numbers, but it turns out they don’t even want social media in their cars, according to a report in the Detroit Free Press.

A new survey from technology consultancy Gartner found that when it comes to in-car technology, consumers are mostly looking for applications related to driving, like maps and weather forecasts.

Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter rank near the bottom of the list.

Nevertheless, the report found that 82 percent of car owners will pay something for cloud-connected apps related to safety or entertainment. But the product manager for Microsoft’s  Windows automotive embedded applications, Steve Bridgeland tells the paper that there’s not much of a demand for a large “apps marketplace” for cars.

"I think there are scores of apps that can be created, but they are going to be focused on drive-specific" needs, he said.

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