Bowing to pressure, Fiat halts sales to Iran



After facing an onslaught of criticism that even involved Jennifer Lopez, Fiat has announced that it is halting sales to Iran.

The Italian automaker, which controls Chrysler, said in a statement on Friday that it "supports international efforts for a diplomatic solution" regarding Iran. The international community in the last year has been increasing diplomatic and economic pressure on Iran to back down on its nuclear program.

Singer Lopez had been repeatedly asked by United Against Nuclear Iran to renounce her relationship with Fiat after filming a series of commercials for the Fiat 500 minicar last year.

Fiat said its sales to Iran were "totally immaterial" in terms of numbers, and concerned only commercial and civilian products.

Fiat Industrial heavy truck, agricultural and construction vehicles said it also was stopping sales to Iran.

Fiat's announcement follows similar ones by Hyundai and Porsche. The auto industry has been under pressure from the anti-nuclear lobby group, United Against Nuclear Iran, to cut ties with the regime.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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