Jeep enters 'Year of the Dragon' market in China

Jeep is looking to make a splash at the upcoming Beijing Auto Show with a special Year of the Dragon edition Wrangler concept. The automaker joining the likes of Rolls Royce and Ferrari in the hopes that the tip of the hat to the Chinese zodiac will help it conquer the potentially enormous marketplace.

The lacquer black Jeep features gold trim inside and out with a prominent reptilian motif that includes one dragon on top of the hood and another on its underside that towers over the V6 engine when the hood is opened.

Chinese characters -- reportedly for “Wrangler” -- adorn the sides and wheel hubs, while complex jewel-like headlights and amber, multi-element turn signals create an original face for the off-roader.

Rolls Royce recently ‘sold out’ an unspecified number of $1.2 million extended wheelbase Year of the Dragon Phantom sedans, while Ferrari has just announced that it will produce 20 Marco Polo Red 458 Italia supercars exclusively for China with graphics that evoke the legend of the longma, or dragon-horse.

Further details on the Wrangler await the show, but Jeep says that the truck showcases the opportunity for a future special edition for Chinese customers, along the lines of the Call of Duty model currently available in the United States.

No word if plans to resurrect Daisy Duke’s Golden Eagle Jeep are also in the works.

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