The PG Elektrus battery-powered sports car is no joke



You may not hear it coming, but, then again, you might. Either way, you’ll be hard pressed to miss it.

The Elektrus sports car is the latest endeavor from German electric bicycle maker PG Bikes.

Looking something like the Joker disguised as Batman, the high-performance two-seater aims to be a “city racer par excellence,” according to PG.

Based on the platform of the Lotus Elise, as is the Telsa Roadster, the Elektrus features a battery-powered drivetrain that PG says is capable of reaching a top speed of 186 mph, although it is limited to 155 mph, as is the fashion in Germany. It can also accelerate from 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds and reportedly has a range of 217 miles per 4 hour charge, augmented by a few extra electrons provided by a small solar panel located on the rear hood of the car.

To add to the fun, PG tells that the automatic transmission can be toggled between six modes offering different levels of acceleration that the driver can use to emulate a manual, or simply leave in “gear” to suit a particular driving style.

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But the Elektrus’ most unique feature is a sound processor that can emulate a variety of engine noises to fill the sonic void left by its electric motor. Everything from a rumble of a big V8 to the high-pitched whine of a Formula 1 car is on tap. To further enhance the fantasy, the power-on button is even labeled "Engine Start." Electric cars have motors, not engines.

And while promotional images feature an Elektrus done up in a carbon fiber trim and a wet-look matte black paint job that brings to mind the letters S and M, customization is at the whim of the buyer.

For a base price of $370,000, it should be.

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