Celebrity bikes crossing the block at Las Vegas motorcycle auction

Auctions America

 (Auctions America)

Auctions America by RM will be holding its first motorcycle auction in Sin City this weekend, with more than 500 motorcycles filling a ballroom floor at the Rio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

If you have some spare change left over after at trip to the slots, you can bid on a wide selection of motorcycles that were previously owned by celebrities.

A bike from late legendary actor Steve McQueen, known for his roles in Hollywood classics like “The Great Escape” and “The Getaway” will be auctioned off on Saturday. The 1938 Harley Davidson is a true classic.

"We're hoping that this particular motorcycle brings in the $65,000 to $75,000 range," said Dennis Wisbey, the animated auctioneer who will be working the microphone this weekend.

How about a motorcycle from the Michael Jordan Racing Collection? Yes folks, His Airiness is in the business of motorcycle racing and he'll have four Yamahas at the auction.

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"Who else could that be besides Michael Jordan?," said Wisbey, pointing to the Jordan logo on the side of the motorcycle. "They're all estimated to bring in between $20,000 to $25,000."

And then there's the 2010 Campagna T-Rex three-wheeler from renowned illusionist Criss Angel. More of a mini-car than a motorcycle.

"It has about 200-horsepower… powered by a ZX-14 Kawasaki engine," said Wisbey. "We're hoping that this brings in between $55,000 to $75,000 when the hammer falls and I say 'Sold!'"

The event organizers fully understand the power of celebrity when it comes to making the big sales.

"It does add quite a bit," said Ed Capuran, Chief Financial Officer of Auctions America. "Obviously, they're celebrities so they have a following. People follow bikes and follow the celebrity, it's a perfect match."

Capuran said the company expects to attract more than $5 million in bids.

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