Sexy Calendar Aims to Raise Awareness of Fuel Efficient Cars

Pump Rebels

 (Pump Rebels)

Have you ever bought a product solely because it was advertised by someone you find attractive? It's okay, you're among friends - you can tell us.

If you answered yes, then you'd better get saving for that energy-efficient vehicle, as a new yearly calendar called Pump Rebels (via the mynissanleaf forum) has draped a selection of scantily-clad ladies over twelve different fuel-efficient cars.

In their own words, Pump Rebels is about changing the image of fuel efficient cars... "Despite the cliché images of daisies, leaves, and fluffy clouds—fuel efficiency is bad-ass, and long overdue for an attitude update".

Can't argue with logic like that (we tried, but failed), so whether you prefer blonds or brunettes, lucious Leafs or sassy Smarts, there's a little something for all tastes.

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