Will and Kate's Wine-Powered Wheels



As if a royal wedding wasn’t British enough, after tying the knot to the newly appointed Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William took his new bride for a very public spin around the grounds of Buckingham Palace in a convertible Aston Martin, but it wasn’t just any old drop-top.

The Seychelles Blue DB6 MKII Volante is one of only 38 built, and belongs to William’s dear old dad, Prince Charles. Queen Elizabeth II bought the car for her eldest son on his 21st birthday in 1969, and he has owned it ever since.

Recently, as one of his environmental initiatives, the Prince of Wales sent the car back to Aston Martin to have it converted to run on a form of ethanol made from surplus British wine. The six-cylinder engine gets about 10 miles per gallon, enough to fill four and a half Chardonnay bottles, according to The Daily Mail.

But it’s no garage queen, Prince Charles is often seen driving the low-slung two-plus-two to polo matches, and reportedly puts about 300 miles on the odometer each year.

As for keeping up appearances, it was a good choice of wheels for Prince William as his personal car is a high-performance Audi S4 made in Germany and his wife owns an Audi A3 hatchback – not exactly appropriate transportation for the future of the British monarchy to be seen in on their.

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