Toyota Courts Latinos With Free Hispanic Pride Stickers



Toyota Motor Corp., hoping to solidify its standing as the top brand for Hispanic buyers in the U.S., is offering drivers a series of stickers that celebrates their Hispanic heritage.

The decals contain the phrase "somos muchos," or "we are many," followed by cultures, regions and popular descriptors from all over Latin America, such as "somos muchos Mexicanos" and "somos muchos Hondurenos." The decals, designed to be stuck on bumpers or windows, come in more than 100 different versions and are available in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Toyota is offering the stickers free on the Spanish-language version of its Facebook page. It's also distributing them at upcoming festivals in Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Miami, New York and Chicago.

Toyota is the top brand among Hispanic buyers in the U.S., according to vehicle registration data gathered by R.L. Polk and Associates. The automaker says it has held that title since 2004.

In a recent speech to the National Council of La Raza, Toyota President Yoshi Inaba said one of every four Hispanic car buyers in the U.S. bought a Toyota last year.