U.K. Deliveries Halted as Toyota Crisis Deepens

Toyota has suspended the delivery of thousands of new cars as the crisis over defective accelerator pedals threatens to engulf the company.

The Japanese manufacturer, the biggest car company in the world, revealed last night that 180,865 vehicles in the U.K. might be affected.

Accelerator pedals on seven models, it said, may get stuck. It said that it would be recalling models in the coming days to fit a new part to solve the problem. The recall affects about one in nine of the 1.6 million Toyotas on British roads.

The issue has sent Toyota into crisis, with more than 10,000 Britons jamming its switchboards to report incidents of pedal failure or seek advice on whether they should continue to drive their cars. Angry owners also want to know why Toyota has only just issued recall notices when it knew of problems last winter.

The company says that the problem affects worn pedals but is exacerbated by cold weather or condensation.

Toyota confirmed that it had stopped delivering new vehicles of the seven affected models to British customers. They will not be released until they have been fitted with a new part. While the process is believed to be relatively simple, dealers fear that it could take weeks to clear the backlog.

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