Nissan to Export Engines from U.S. to Japan...and Back?

In the latest odd twist to the changes happening in the automotive industry, Nissan has announced that it will begin exporting V8 engines from a plant in Tennessee to Japan, where they will be installed into sport utility vehicles bound for the U.S.

As a result of dwindling full-size truck sales in the U.S., Nissan recently ended domestic production of the Infiniti QX56 at its factory in Canton, Miss., consolidating production of the luxury SUV at a plant located in Shatai Kyushu, Japan.

The first of the engines was manufactured at the Decherd, Tenn. plant today, and the facility will also produce engine parts for vehicles sold by Nissan in other global markets.

While shipping a several hundred pound motor halfway around the world and back again may not seem like the most efficient manufacturing process, the company insists that it is more economical than moving the tooling for the plant to Japan and opening a new facility there.

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