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    McDonald's incident: Enough with the hatred of cops

    Chick-fil-A sends care package to soldiers

    Hey NPR: Take your global warming nonsense about kids and blow it out your F-150 tailpipe

    Sean Hannity: Republicans asleep at wheel when Trump, America need them

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    Watch out, Nest -- a new smart thermostat called Glas is coming for you

    Kuna outdoor smart security camera and light can stop burglars in their tracks

    Password manager LastPass promises to be the last line of defense against hackers

    Smart & Safe Tech: Blaze Laserlight makes cyclists safer on the road

    Travel + Outdoors

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    US to ban travel to North Korea, reports say

    Delta takes aim at Jennifer Aniston in employee training video

    Trump hotel in Chicago tries to take back woman's inexpensive reservation

    Tourists to Mexico believe daughter died after being drugged at resort


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    The tastiest way to prevent skin cancer

    Indian musician plays guitar as doctors perform brain surgery

    Dad paralyzed in pool accident month before wedding

    6-year-old boy revived with Narcan after possible overdose in New Hampshire

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    McDonald's employee fired for refusing service to police officer; cop's wife says husband was 'humiliated'

    Detroit restaurant under fire for 'sexually suggestive' message on uniforms

    Woman's movie-theater snack hack goes viral

    Rats fall from ceiling at a Dallas Chipotle, diner claims

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    YouTube redirecting potential Isis recruits to anti-terrorist content

    Amazon lures publishers to new social network by paying them to post


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    Katie Couric's 'fake news' comments spark backlash

    'Arrested Development' Season 5 plot details revealed by Jason Bateman

    Elvis Presley's first music agency contract up for auction

    John Cena on having kids: 'I can barely raise myself'

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    Crossfit team helps woman with a rare disease complete life goal

    Bridesmaid kicked out of bridal party for being 'too fat'

    5 surprising factors that affect how fertile you are

    Erectile dysfunction destroying your sex life? Here's how to get it back


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    Planet Earth

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    Solar Eclipse day craziness could resemble the zombie apocalypse — Are you ready?

    Digging History

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    Elvis Presley's first music agency contract up for auction

    Air & Space

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    Red Dots campaign hunts planets at nearby Barnard's star