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    Proud American

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    Fireworks threaten baby eagle in Connecticut town

    Stolen American flag in California quickly replaced by Veterans of Foreign Wars

    Jeep Wrangler tops American-Made Index

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    John Stossel: Why haven't America's schools improved?

    The GOP is about to stick it to us again, America

    Trump's breakthrough for veterans

    Is being Christian a crime in Michigan?

    Travel + Outdoors

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    Fourth of July festivals: 7 different ways to celebrate America

    VivaColombia considering radical 'standing room' seating alternative to lower airfare costs

    Supreme Court travel ban: Flood of lawsuits expected from ruling

    July 4th traffic: What are the best and worst times to travel?

    Food + Drink

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    Los Angeles to legalize street-side food vendors to spite Trump, ICE

    Confederate flag can't be removed from lawn of ice cream shop, despite owner's wishes

    Taco Bell in Las Vegas hosts very first wedding at in-house chapel

    Carl's Jr. fined $1.45 million by Los Angeles for allegedly underpaying employees

    Business Leaders

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    Jeff Bezos rocket company Blue Origin to build Alabama factory

    Siemens pumps millions into Massachusetts facility, creates 1K jobs

    Pandora CEO Tim Westergren Steps Down

    Miami Marlins mystery bidder ready to pay $1B for team in possible deal this week

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    New cyberattack wallops Europe; spreads more slowly in US

    Israeli spy agency Mossad targets cutting-edge tech, sets up innovation fund

    Amazing picture shows the moment fisherman found a mole inside the mouth of a live bass

    Uber will now let you request a ride for someone else

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    Cloud Innovation

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    Kelsea Ballerini wrote 'Legends' from a place of 'bitterness' but is now the 'happiest' she's ever been

    'Second Wives Club' star Shawna Craig talks marriage to Lorenzo Lamas, being a surrogate to his daughter Shayne

    Billy Joel's former drummer Liberty DeVitto details messy split from 'Piano Man,' dispels rumors about rock lifestyle

    'The Bachelorette' recap: Rachel sends a slew of men packing after Kenny and Lee's racially-tinged battle ends