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    CNN, 'Today' star turn Trump dinner with Putin into a feeding frenzy and other memorable...

    Vice President Mike Pence: Trump's triumphs are many after only six months and he's just...

    Peter Navarro: Trump leads way in promoting defense industrial base

    Iran will soon have ICBMs armed with nukes by way of North Korea. Team Trump must act now

    Smart & Safe Tech

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    Safety first! Volvo's intelligent drive and sensing technologies work to mitigate accidents

    Kuna outdoor smart security camera and light can stop burglars in their tracks

    Password manager LastPass promises to be the last line of defense against hackers

    Smart & Safe Tech: Blaze Laserlight makes cyclists safer on the road

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    The Humbler: 1970 Pontiac GTO's vacuum-operated exhaust was ahead of its time

    Driver who crashed at 157 mph dodges jail

    2017 Kia Soul! (turbo) test drive

    1972 Ferrari Daytona once owned by Sir Elton John up for auction

    Food + Drink

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    Five-year-old girl fined $200 for running illegal lemonade stand

    Mom reveals she used breast milk in bake sale brownies

    McDonald's debuts McDelivery clothing line featuring Big Mac onesie, fry-themed sweatsuit

    McDonald's employee fired for refusing service to police officer; cop's wife says husband was 'humiliated'


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    Florida man contracts flesh-eating bacteria through blisters while hiking

    Papaya salmonella outbreak kills 1, infects 46 others

    Do you really need these vitamin supplements?

    Many people being treated for Alzheimer's may not actually have it

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    House + Home

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    Doris Roberts’ New York City duplex gets a discount

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson selling Texas vacation home

    Is a backyard chicken coop right for you?

    15 quick tips to stay cool this summer without AC


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    Jennifer Lopez wins praise for using gender-neutral pronouns while praising her non-binary relative

    Jake Paul exits Disney Channel's 'Bizaardvark' mid-season

    Comic-Con goes wild for 'Black Panther' at Marvel panel

    Chester Bennington filmed 'Carpool Karaoke' with Linkin Park less than one week before his death

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    Tech Q&A: Essential Windows apps, secret Alexa commands, cybersecurity tests and more

    Chicago Pokemon Go festival goes awry when players can't log in

    5 insider tricks for a better Facebook experience

    Fitness + Well-being

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    This woman lost 99 pounds without following a diet

    Crossfit team helps woman with a rare disease complete life goal

    Bridesmaid kicked out of bridal party for being 'too fat'

    5 surprising factors that affect how fertile you are