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    The Property Project

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    Mini bathroom makeovers for your weekend

    How to create a sociable kitchen

    10 unique kitchen storage solutions

    Pros and cons of three popular kitchen layouts


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    How to lose weight for summer: 32 tips from top doctors

    Creed's Scott Stapp talks candidly about bipolar disorder: "It shattered me"

    5 zero-calorie soda swaps

    The Future of Tech

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    This humanoid robot diver is a submersible avatar

    Dyson wants to revolutionize hair care with $400 dryer

    What to Watch


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    One million Americans vow to boycott Target over transgender bathrooms

    Gretchen's Take: American Airlines' stupid overhead bin move

    ISIS: What Trump, Hillary, Cruz, Sanders and Kasich aren't telling you

    The spark of life: Science and the Bible meet again

    Election 2016

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    Regional News




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    Newt Gingrich: Reagan movie would work if it was like 'The Notebook'

    Prince traveled to pick up pain pills night before death: reports

    Will Tennessee's anti-LGBT law spell the end of 'Nashville?'

    Miley Cyrus gets matching tattoo with Liam Hemsworth's sister-in-law

    Food & Drink

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    Starbucks faces $5M lawsuit over amount of ice in its iced beverages

    New York pizzeria creates edible pizza box out of pizza

    Exploding pizza bombs are taking over the world

    Turkish man shoots dining companion who paid restaurant bill

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    Air & Space

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    NASA reveals gold-coated space mirror

    Digging History

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    Ancient hyenas ate human relatives half a million years ago

    Planet Earth

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    Scientists discover hidden Antarctic lake

    Wild Nature

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    This new beetle is named after Chewbacca


    Continue to US

    Five years after Usama bin Laden's death, new info -- and a new nemesis

    Kentucky Confederate monument to be removed after 120 years

    Forgotten 'Negro' Medal of Honor seaman buried in mislabeled grave remembered more than 130 years later

    Pilot may have spotted one of 2 missing teen fishermen days after disappearance

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