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    Why Jeff Sessions as our next attorney general should reassure, not alarm, all Americans

    What Trump's first speech as president tells us about the next four years

    Mainstream media screams in pain as Trump becomes president (they know he beat them, too)

    Donald Trump ruled the tabloids in 1989; today he rules the country. Doh!


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    5 everyday foods to stave off colds and flu

    8 lies men tell their doctors-- and why they need to come clean

    New technology lets diabetics skip multiple finger pricks

    8 bizarre pregnancy dreams and what they really mean

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    Wall Street Week Ahead: Optimism Among S&P 500 CEOs as Trump Takes Power

    British PM Theresa May Says She Won't Back Down From Challenging Trump

    Of Trump's Policies, Taxes Mentioned Most on S&P 500 Earnings Calls

    Carl Icahn's Herbalife Conundrum: Trump


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    Fiction meets reality: Researches want to use lasers to create deflector shields

    Note 7 battery design, manufacture caused fires, Samsung says

    Tech Q&A: Finding veterans' records online

    Keep an eye on your teen's texting and know the secret lingo

    Real Estate

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    How to Replace Your Exterior Siding and Why Now Is the Best Time to Get Started

    The Rookie’s Guide to Identifying and Fixing Plumbing Problems

    Hot Houses: Celine Dion's palatial private water park and Gwen Stefani's Beverly Hills' mansion

    Hot Houses: NFL superstar's Hollywood Hills home and DC's most expensive property

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    Madonna says speech at women's rally 'taken wildly out of context'

    Matt Damon plans to pitch Trump on clean water

    Lily Collins reveals former eating disorder while promoting movie

    Chelsea Handler nixes two-party politics: 'I'm not a Democrat anymore'

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    Planet Earth

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    A new theory may finally explain fabled 'fairy circles'

    Digging History

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    A farmer's story of moles could have led to lost city

    Air & Space

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    Microbes could survive thin air of Mars